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The Careprost Generic Latisse (also known as Bimatoprost) is an eye drop that is used for the purpose of growing longer and thicker eye lashes. It also helps in combating the issue of glaucoma that can lead to impairment of vision if it is not treated on time. Therefore, it is suggested to take the medication of Careprost Generic Latisse eye drops to control the fluid pressure that occurs inside the eye which inturn can damage the optic nerve. You can easily buy Careprost Generic Latisse online and the medicine is by and large safe for usage since it is approved by the FDA. The price of Careprost Generic Latisse online is very cheap that the regular eye serums that you buy at the store. However, you must speak to the doctor once before using this eye drop.

Uses of Careprost Generic Latisse

This eye drop is used for the dual purpose of growing the eye lashes longer, thicker and most importantly, combating the dreadful eye condition of glaucoma. The issue of glaucoma usually happens due the increase in the fluid pressure inside the eye.  This eventually starts straining the optic nerve of the eye and causes visual loss. If the problem is not attended on time then it can result in total blindness.

Careprost Generic Latisse has the active ingredient of Bimatoprost which eases the pressure inside the eye and helps in reviving the vision of the eye. The medication is also used externally as a cosmetic serum which assists in growing of the eyelashes. It restricts the eye lashes from falling making them longer and thicker. It makes the eye look beautiful and also the thick eye lashes prevent the entry of the external particles and dust from entering the eye. In this way, the eye drop of Careprost Generic Latisse is helpful for you.

How to Take Careprost Generic Latisse

When you buy cheap Careprost Generic Latisse online, you should first discuss with the doctor on how you should take the medication. The dosage should be as per the direction given on the leaflet or as told by the doctor. While using the medication of Careprost Generic Latisse there is some instructions that you have to follow.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before using the eye drop
  • Tilt your head back and pull the lower eye lid for creating a pocket.
  • Tip the dropper down towards your eye and then look away from the tip, mainly upwards.
  • Put the number of drops suggested by the doctor and then close it.
  • Press your finger to the inside corner of the eye to prevent the medicine from leaking out.
  • If you are using contact lenses, remove them before using the eye drop of Careprost Generic Latisse.
  • You need to wait for 5 to 10 minutes before using any other eye medication.
  • Also wait at least for 15 to 20 minutes before wearing the contact lenses again.
  • Avoid using the serum of Careprost Generic Latisse if you suffer from any eye infection or have undergone eye surgery recently.
  • Pregnant women are advised to speak the doctor before using the eye drop of Careprost Generic Latisse.

Side effects of Generic Latisse

When you buy cheap Careprost Generic Latisse online, you should be aware of its pros and cons, mainly side effects. There might be mild to extreme side issue of the medicine. The common side effects that can happen are:

  • Dizziness
  • Slight eye discomfort
  • Dry eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Burning or stinging sensation in the eyes 

The extreme side effects that may require medical attention are:

  • Vision changes
  • Higher sensitivity to light
  • Eye discharge, oozing
  • Red and swollen eyes
  • Itching sensation or pain in the eye area     

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