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Treatment of hypotrichosis (inadequate and thinning eyelashes due to poor growth of eyelashes) and glaucoma...

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Generic Latisse

Yes, there is an ophthalmic drug Bimatoprost 0.03% known by its brand name Latisse which is approved by FDA to treat Hypotrichosis (condition of short skimpy and scattered eye lashes). The other brand name of bimatoprost is Lumigan. Lumigan was earlier market as a drug to manage glaucoma (an eye ailment in which the natural fluid produced in the eye gets blocked putting added pressure on veins and optic nerves). Growth of eyelashes as a side effect was accidently discovered by those who were using Lumigan for treating their glaucoma.

Use a thin brush or an applicator provided with the drug and apply Latisse every night before sleeping. Put a single drop on a clean surface then dip the brush or applicator in the drop and gently apply at the roots of upper eyelash only. Don’t apply medicine at the lower eyelash as it is not required. Keep doing this regularly for 12 to 16 weeks and then experience the magical effect of the drug on your eyelashes! You will see your eyelashes grow long, thick and dark. This effect remains as long as you regularly apply the drug to your upper lashes.

The distinct changes in the eyelashes are given below:

  • 110% increase in thickness/fullness of eyelashes
  • 28% increase in length of eyelashes
  • 20% increase in darkness of eyelashes

Following are the common side effects of Latisse:

  • Dryeyes
  • Itchyand red eyes
  • Darkeyelids
  • Pigmentationof iris (turning brown)
  • Rednessof the thin tissue over the white part of the eye

The colour of eyelids may go back to its normal position as soon as the drug is stopped. However the change in colour of iris is likely to be permanent. Treatment on Hypotrichosis due to any medical therapy like chemotherapy or due to surgery or injury near the eye (alopecia areata) shows promising results with Latisse. Please note the drug has the tendency to grow hair on whichever part of skin it comes in contact. So use it carefully without smudging on facial skin around the eyes. Keep a tissue paper or blotting paper handy and use it to remove the drug which had accidently touched your facial skin.

Before starting to use Latisse consult with your eye expert and take his/her opinion.

The drug comes in two different volumes – 5ml (applicable for 10 weeks) and 3ml (for 5 weeks). Keep using the medicine after you have achieved longer, thicker and darker lashes after 16 weeks of therapy. You will have to use the medicine to maintain long beautiful looking lashes

Frequently asked questions about Latisse!

Does Latisse change the colour of eyes?

Answer: Various clinical tests have proved that the drug does not change the colour of iris. Over 6 million prescribed users have appreciated the positive effects of the drug but none of them have reported change in colour of their eyes or pigmentation of iris. If you use Latisse precisely over the roots of the eyelashes it is highly impossible for the drug to reach inside the eye. It may be possible with patients suffering from glaucoma who tend to put the drug Bimatoprost inside the eyes. As long as Latisse is used externally it is unlikely to impact the iris by any ways. The drug was first used to treat symptoms of glaucoma and it was later found with glaucoma patients growing long, thick and dark eyelashes after the therapy. So the drug manufacturer decided to market the same drug as a cosmetic solution to grow eyelashes. Reports of change in colour of iris have come in cases of glaucoma patients who have to put Latisse inside the eyes every day during their treatment. But if you use it with precision or as directed then the possibility of change in colour of your iris is clearly ruled out.

Do you door deliver the real Latisse?

Without any doubt we sell the original Latisse which is FDA approved, sealed and packed from the manufacturer. Factory sealed kit along with applicator and clear mention of expiry date and manufacturing lot number reaches to your doorstep. We value the precious trust of our customers across the world.

In how many different variants (in terms of volume) do you get Latisse?

Latisse is sold in two different variants though the bottles look similar. The volume in one bottle is 5ml while in the other is 3ml. The 5ml bottle can be used for 10 full weeks and 3ml bottle can easily last 5 full weeks of application. The benefit of value is passed on to the customers as you get more out of every drop of Latisse you use. For beginners doctors recommend two 5ml bottles to ensure best results. Progressively the number of doses reduces and you can make use of 3ml bottles as well to maintain those flirty eyelashes.

Can the drug be used with false lashes and contacts?

There is no point in using false lashes when you are on Latisse therapy unless there is a sudden event or occasion that demands exclusive look. You can use the drug with false lashes even they are stuck to the real lashes. Be careful with your contacts while using Latisse. Remember to remove them while applying the drug as they are likely to absorb the colour of Latisse. Load them back 15 to 20 minutes after the drug is applied to the eyelashes.

How is Latisse different from other lash products sold in market?

FDA approved Latisse guarantees results which other lash products do not give. You carry immense risk while using non-branded lash products as the side effects may cost you dearly. The trust associated with FDA approved drugs makes you feel safe with them. People who have tried and tested Latisse will never change their loyalty with the drug as they understand the genuineness of the drug and its guaranteed results.

Can you grow hair on bald scalp?

People who have tried the drug on bald scalp have experienced positive results though FDA has not approved it for growing hair on head. Latisse should only be used for growing thick and long eyelashes and for no other application. Do not get adventurous with the drug. Go by your doctor’s direction.

What is the right way to use Latisse?

Using Latisse can be a sticky job to begin with. The drug has the property of growing hair on any part of skin it comes in contact with. So it is necessary to use it precisely along the roots or base of upper eyelashes.  In order to do that choose the right brush or an applicator (comes along with drug) which should be thin at its tip just like the tip of an eyeliner. This brush should be cleaned properly and dried before using. The applicators that come in the drug kit are of single use only. Make sure not to touch the tip of applicator or brush as it can get contaminated and result in eye infection. The eye is the most delicate and vulnerable part of our body which can easily get infected. Take care that the brush or applicator dipped in Latisse should not touch any other part of facial skin other than the roots of upper lashes. Keep the brush clean and dry after every use in order to keep your eyes away from bacterial infection.

Use Latisse regularly for 12 to 16 weeks to achieve best results. Do not use more than once in a day as using it more will not expedite the growth of lash hair.

What are the precautions to be taken before using Latisse?

Essentially you need to first show your eyes to eye expert before starting to use Latisse. In case of any eye infection or disease you should stay away from Latisse as it may cause side effects. People under the treatment of glaucoma should strictly use Latisse under doctor’s supervision or instructions. Those receiving treatment on their eyes for any other reason should also inform their doctors before using Latisse. Avoid drug interaction by keeping good gap of 15 minutes between two different eye drops.

Do I have to use drug daily?

Once you begin using Latisse do not stop the therapy in between for any reason. Continue for full 12 to 16 weeks to ensure best result from the drug. After 16 weeks you use the drug on alternate days to maintain the lush and length of newly grown lashes. Stopping the drug completely for a long period will bring back your lashes to the original length.

What if I forget or skip my Latisse dose at night?

Just ignore the missed dose of Latisse and carry on with the next day’s dose on the same time of your previous doses. Do not take double dose of the drug to catch up with the missed dose. It can fire back.

Valuable Latise Tips

  • Every night start by cleaning your face properly. Remove all the makeup and mascara applied on your lashes.
  • Take a clean surface and place one drop on it. Then take a fresh applicator or a clean brush and dip it in the drop and finely draw the brush/applicator on the base of upper eyelashes.
  • In case of smudge on the outer facial skin use a tissue or cotton swab to wipe it off as soon as possible.
  • Dispose of the applicator and use the fresh one for the next eye. In case of brush clean and dry the brush before using it for your next eye.
  • Remove your contact lenses before starting to apply Latisse to your lashes. Put them back in your eyes after waiting for 15 to 20 minutes.

Therapy and Maintenance Phase

Keep charting the progress of your lashes after you begin using the drug. The first 12 to 16 week’s time is your Therapy Phase. You should closely monitor the growth of your lashes by taking your selfies at the end of every week. At the end of week number 16 you have finished with your Therapy phase. Here you witness phenomenal growth of your lashes along with increased density and darkness. From here you begin with your Maintenance Phase. You can alter your dose in maintenance phase. You can switch to four doses per week or three doses per week.

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